A few personal details...

Thank you so much for stopping by and hanging out with me for a few!

I started my photography journey just a little over 9 years ago. For the first few years I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be doing in the field of photography. I was taking pictures of anything and everything but I did know one thing is that my editing and composition style wasn't like everyone else's which at the time I thought it was a bad thing. Flash forward to now and I've grown to know that standing out especially in this profession is as big of a boon as one could ask for!

Music is one of my biggest inspirations for my photography. You ever just hear a song and your mind just starts coming up with it's own music video? That's basically my mind all the time, and how I've actually gotten a lot of my best work! My favorite genres of music are Synthwave/PopWave, Pop-Punk, Progressive Metal and Deathcore.

I love playing board games, card games, or any games for that matter (favorites include Magic: The Gathering, Legends of Runeterra, and Street Fighter II)

I am super excited to get to know you and hear what you have envisioned for your session.

If I were to try out for an acting role on the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, haha!

My love for fantasy and over the top portraits grew from my love of movies! I want to make everyone I ever photograph to know and feel they are movie poster worthy and that they are the leading role in their own story! I absolutely adore working with other creatives because to me there's nothing more beautiful than the collaboration of two or more creative souls. So let's embrace our creative selves and revel in the process!

“Who you are is the most important part of your work, so be sure to never leave that out.”

A few self portraits